STUB: result_vector = LOAD(Ticker,FieldName )

Function LOAD loads prices from the prices database into a vector. The Ticker is either the ticker symbol for a company (such as MSFT for Microsoft) or the string _TICKER, which means the current company in the Summary database.

The FieldName can be OPEN, HIGH, LOW, CLOSE, or VOLUME.

Just about every StockWiz 5 formula starts with the LOAD function. The LOAD function reads data from the historical price database and creates the first columns in the matrix for the formula you are running. Additional columns are usually calculated using the vectors created by the LOAD function.

You should note that the data loaded by the LOAD function are not adjusted for any splits and they may contain missing values (since not every company has data for every trading for a number of reasons). Please review the documentation for the ADJUSTFORSPLITS and INTERPOLATE function.

Please also review the documentation for the RANGE function which controls how many days of data are loaded by the LOAD function into the matrix for the current formula.

If the RANGE function has not been called before calling the LOAD function, the default date range is the one defined at the bottom of the main screen of StockWiz 5.


You can visually inspect the values of the vector returned by the LOAD function by first running a formula then clicking on  the 'Formulas' tab and then on the 'Formula Data' tab.