STUB: ADDCOLUMN(VectorName,AssociatedTicker)

Function ADDCOLUMN is used to create a new vector. The size of the new vector will be the same one as the rest of the vectors since alll vectors in a matrix are always of the same size. The ADDCOLUMN cannot be used to create the first vector, and therefore define the size of each subsequent vector. Typically one calls the LOAD function for that.

VectorName is the name to be given to the new vector

AssociatedTicker is the name of the ticker that is associated with this vector. Each vector has a unique name and an associated ticker name. The associated ticker does not have to be unique. It really refers to the "lineage" of that data. For example, if one just LOADs data from the database, clearly the associated ticker will be the ticker of the underlining data. If one then creates a new vector containing the 20 day moving average of the original data, the associated ticker will be that of the original data. 

One can use the string _TICKER to mean the current ticker.

All values of the new vector are set to value 1e9, which is used to signify non-available (or missing values).