Because of the nature of the StockWiz product you will need a way to keep your stock market database up to date. StockWiz.com provides such a service as part of the annual fee of $199.95.

Product Summary

For those users that only need the raw data to use with their own programs raw data are directly available from page http://www.i-soft.com/STOCKWIZ97/

  • All data are in one compressed text file
  • Easy to parse text format - TICKER,OPEN,HIGH,LOW,CLOSE,VOLUME records.
  • Quick, simple update process
  • Low flat cost - no surprises
  • Complete coverage - NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTCBB, US Mutual Funds, and US indices
  • Easy export to text (ASCII) and Metastock/CompuTrac formats
  • Data are posted by 6:00PM EST
  • High quality, timely and complete data - we check our data in more than 50 different ways
  • New IPOs are automatically added
  • Split factors are provided daily (but your historical data are not altered - StockWiz applies split factors on the fly)
  • Daily files are kept online for at least 3 months - nothing to worry when on vacation
  • FTP access available at no extra cost. If you need an FTP client program we recommend the free FileZilla FTP Client.


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