Custom Programming Services


Please contact us about custom programming for StockWiz formulas or stand-alone stock market applications.  

Now, more than ever, it is a lot easier to have your own algorithmic trading application. A number of online brokers offer APIs (ways a computer program can interact directly with the broker), so having your own automated trading application is no longer the privilege of the few. We have the skills to deliver your application on time and at a lower-than-usual cost.

The APIs as offered by the brokers, allow the application to receive real-time and historical data, do some calculations and then issue buy or sell orders automatically. We program in C++, which is by far the language of choice of Wall Street firms, and we can deliver in a short period of time.

List of APIs we currently support

Since new APIs are expected to be offered by many other brokers, ECNs, etc. please inquire with us and we can look into it.


You can also contact us about licensing our C++ Technical Analysis Library or our Daily Time Series Database Engine.